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Ibiza last minute - for late deals, late bookings, discounts, bargain and budget offers - Search total availability for our accomodations in Ibiza and book online to go on lastminute holidays for less!

What accommodation do you prefer for your holidays in Ibiza? Our booking engine makes it easy to reserve the lodging for your vacation: hotels, hostels or apartments - with online booking, in real time and with immediate confirmation.
Here you find immediately all prices, promotions and last minute deals. And you can check our availabilities for the required date yourself. In less than five minutes you can book a room or arrange the rent of an apartment - without the necessity to call or to send requests. Our confirmation will be in your mail box within a few seconds! Check it out!
Important information for guests travelling on night flights or night ferries!

Please keep in mind that the standard check-in-time is 4.00 p.m. of the booked and confirmed day of arrival, if no prior arrangements have been made.
We strongly recommend all guests who are travelling at night to also book the preceding night!
If you wish to book the preceding night for immediate check-in, please enter the exact date of the preceding night in the reservation system!

Prévisions pour les prochains 5 jours - Ibiza

There are two alternatives to book ...
  1. If you are in a hurry, you can also go directly to our booking engine to check all last minute deals and other offers - everything at a glance. Just insert the required data here below:

  2. If you want to check out all our hotels, hostels or apartments one by one, scroll down to to the inferior part of this page, where you will find photos and a short description of each property.
    Then click on the button "last minute & more" of the selected property to see all of its last minute deals and other offers.
    When you click on the photo or name of the selected property, the corresponding Web site opens. There you'll find all necessary information and descriptions.

    Always the reservation system will check the availability for a booking at the chosen tariff. The tariff will be calculated, displayed and confirmed automatically. Please remember that most of the special tariffs are available during certain periods only or are subject to some restrictions (e.g. minimum stay, deadline for booking etc.)!
The RED Hotel 
San Antonio (Promenade Maritime/très près de la plage de 'Es Regueró')
- hôtel de deux étoiles
- 112 chambres

The PURPLE Hotel 
San Antonio (près de la Promenade Maritime)
- résidence hostal d'une étoile
- 24 chambres

The BLUE Apartments 
San Antonio (Promenade Maritime/très près de la plage de 'Es Regueró')
- appartements touristiques d'une clé
- 53 studios

The WHITE Apartments 
San Antonio (Promenade Maritime/plage de 'Es Regueró')
- appartements touristiques d'une clé
- 36 studios et appartements

Els Pins Resort & Spa 
Baie de San Antonio
- 224 chambres

Au cas 0ù ou son premier voyage à Ibiza, nous recommandons de visiter Dans ce guide on explique comment arriver en bateau ou avion, où ils sont les 56 plages de l'île ou que des restaurants faut visiter. Il donne en outre beaucoup d'information sur la culture, l'histoire ou la vie nocturne ainsi que les Conseils utiles (comme par exemple: loyer de voitures).

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